Social media had become pretty much an important part of any book marketing strategies. It can reach wider audiences, for less than a fraction of the price. With so many social media platforms to choose from, authors are now finding out the great advantage of using Pinterest to connect with their readers. 

First off, Pinterest is one of the largest social networks. According to the Pew Research Center, 42% of all online women and 15% of all online men use Pinterest.

Basically, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can pin images from other sites, linking back to the original source. Other users can re-pin those same images to their boards.

While Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks, not every author will find a relevant audience on this platform. Most of Pinterest’s users are female, and the demographics skew younger, so some genre authors might have a harder time building a fan base on Pinterest than a romance or new adult author. 

Here are some great examples of authors who’ve been able to build an audience on Pinterest — or use it to inspire their own writing and creativity. We’ve included a variety of authors who write in different genres to help you find inspiration when creating your own Pinterest boards. If you’re wondering how authors are using Pinterest to market their books, here are some great examples. 


Character Inspiration

Pinterest is great to create a board for character inspiration. In that way, your readers can easily access your boards for character reference or visualizations. If you’re looking for authors who use Pinterest for their character inspo, here are some great examples: 

Dhonielle Clayton – Young Adult

We love seeing what inspired the opulent fashion of the characters in Dhonielle’s The Belles. 

Leigh Bardugo – Young Adult

Leigh’s character inspiration boards let readers see what her characters look like and what kinds of clothes they wear.

Marie Lu – Young Adult

Marie shared the character visualization she drew on while writing the second book in The Young Elites trilogy.

Jennifer Niven – Young Adult

Jennifer lets readers take a peek into her main characters’ playlists.

Kiru Taye – Romance

Kiru keeps a Pinterest board dedicated to character and location inspirations.

Story Visualization

What makes Pinterest a real game-changer especially for fiction writers is that it allows authors to share bits and pieces of information. Whether it’s about helping your readers visualize a place, or provide information about a certain period or era- Pinterest is the best way to go. 

Jody Hedlund – Christian Fiction & Historical Romance

Jody created a board for each of her books, which provide visualizations of various scenes and characters.

Lucinda Brant – Historical Romance

Lucinda’s novel-specific boards include a wealth of information about the time period, from jewelry and items characters used to paintings and maps depicting the settings. Each pin has a detailed description of how the image relates to the book.

Meg Waite Clayton – Historical Fiction

For her historical fiction novel The Last Train to London, Meg collected historical photographs, postcards, and cityscapes to inspire her writing.

Helen Hoang – Romance

Helen created boards specific to her books, each filled with scenery, character, and theme inspiration.

Sarah J. Maas – Young Adult

Like Helen, Sarah created boards for each of her books that are a mix of inspiration and fan art.

Alexandra Bracken – Young Adult

Alexandra’s boards are a mix of story visualization specific to certain books, and more generalized bookish inspiration.


Free Content

Who doesn’t want free books anyway? Free content is a great way to drive your reader into exploring some of your work and hopefully purchasing other titles. 

James Patterson – Thrillers

James has a board specifically promoting book previews available for readers to download for free.

Katie Ganshert – Christian Fiction

Katie has a board featuring short stories she’s written that readers can get for free.

Kellie Coates Gilbert – Women’s Fiction

Kellie created a board that she shared with over 70 other authors, where they can pin updates on book promotions they’re running so followers can keep up with all of them in one place.

Rick Riordan – Young Adult

During a special promo called “Sneak Peek Greek Week,” Rick shared excerpts on the Greek gods that populate his books!

Interview Compilations

Pinterest is also a great way for your readers to know more about you. By compiling all interviews from your previous press releases, you can give your readers an all-access pass to know about their favorite authors! Here are some great examples.: 

Hugh Howey – Science Fiction

Hugh has compiled his interviews and photos from book signings on one board.

Elizabeth Gilbert – Memoir and Literary Fiction

Elizabeth has a dedicated board linking to her interviews and other chats.

Diana Abu-Jaber – Memoir

Titled after her memoir, Diana collects all interviews, readings, and other news related to the book.

Fan Appreciation

Aside from sharing information about you, Pinterest can also be a great way to connect and show your fan appreciation. 

Sylvia Day – Romance

Sylvia has a board to share photos fans have taken of her books.

Beth Revis – Young Adult

Beth has a board dedicated to the fan art readers have created and gives readers instructions on how to submit their own fan art in the board’s description.

Johanna Basford – Coloring Books

Johanna’s Colour Club board includes pages fans have completed from her coloring books.

Book Covers

With Pinterest, you can save book covers that you like, or inspires you and come back at it later. Another fun way is to also share your very own book covers! Who knows? Your previous book covers can be another author’s inspiration. 

J. Daniels – Romance

Many authors have a board showing off their cover designs, and J. Daniels’s board is a great example of this.

Silvia also shows off the various — and beautiful — versions of her book covers.

Celeste Ng – Literary Fiction

On her board, Celeste features favorite book covers from other authors.

Writing Inspiration

Pinterest can help authors collect and share writing tips with each other or even their aspiring readers.

Corinne Michaels – Romance

Many authors have boards with quotes that inspire them, which gives readers great insight into their writing process.

Tomi Adeyemi – Young Adult

Tomi has quite a few excellent Pinterest boards — this one features writing prompts and tips as well as industry advice.

Kami Garcia – Young Adult

Kami has compiled several boards for writing tips. This is a great example of how to use Pinterest as a productivity tool, not just a marketing tool.

K.M. Weiland – Nonfiction

On her board Writing Resources, K.M. Weiland collects pins on character development, scene creation, and more.

Recommended Books

Aside from promoting your own book, you can also use Pinterest to share and promote other authors. 

Becky Wade – Christian Romance

Many authors have boards for books they recommend. This is a chance for authors to cross-promote each other’s work.

Tom Ryan – Young Adult

Tom shares his reading wish list — which includes mostly thriller and mystery novels — with his followers.

Moni Boyce – Paranormal Romance

Moni has a great board dedicated to romance novels she recommends which are written by authors of color.

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