Want to publish an Epub on Apple Books using your own PC?  

Well, here’s good news! Finally, Apple introduced a brand new platform that will allow non-Apple users to read and upload e-books on Apple Books.

The new publishing portal called  Apple Books for Authors can be accessed with a web browser, helping you deal with tricky hardware issues.

What’s great is that aside from being a publishing platform,  it also featured tools and useful information ranging from marketing, ebook design, audiobooks, cover images, and so. Now authors can discover new ways to upload Epub ebooks on Apple, minus the hassle.

The company’s new publishing portal is a real game-changer for the Silicon Valley Giant. Previously, authors had to require a macOS-only app or go through a distributor such as Draft2Digital. Another possible way is to lease a Mac in the cloud

When it comes to pricing, Apple Books pays 70% royalties for any price—even 99¢ books or $19.99 box sets, which is a marked improvement over the 35% which Amazon pays for any price outside Amazon’s preferred $2.99-$9.99 range. 

In addition, Apple Books pays out within 45 days of the end of the respective month, which is a little quicker than most other retailers.

There are no delivery fees with Apple Books, a particular bone of contention on KDP with children’s authors, graphic novelists, or anyone wanting to use pictures in their ebooks, especially with Amazon charging data transfer prices last seen when AOL was the new hotness.

Now, let’s talk about promo opportunities, Apple made it clear that when picking authors for promo opportunities, everyone gets a fair cut. Whether you have used a Macbook or your regular PC, the good news is you still have the same shot of getting selected.

Apple’s goal is twofold.  First,  is to provide a clean, crisp, newbie-friendly one-stop-shop for publishing with Apple Books.



The second goal is to counteract a lot of the unscrupulous providers like vanity presses, who try and sell the lie that self-publishing is difficult or expensive—at least, an easy-to-use site like this is a huge boon to those of us who try and steer new writers away from predatory operations.


Now, say goodbye to hardware issues, thanks to  Apple Books for Author. 


Go check this cool new platform here

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